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To grow a bumper crop good fertility is vital. At GMS Lab we put our emphasis on providing you the most accurate results possible.

Plant Tissue


Testing the growing plant for nutritional deficiency allows time for foliar application or adjustment in fertility programs. Stalk nitrate is a post yield check to assess the usage, or over usage of Nitrogen.


Pre-sidedress Nitrate Test, the most accurate snap shot in time to verify Nitrogen needs for your corn crop.

Organic Nitrogen

Organic nitrogen can be in many forms, we provide a verifiable testing method to determine the native nitrogen level of your soil.

Soil Health

Let GMS Lab be your conduit to the USDA SQL15. The Soil Health score is a base score to build upon through the years.

Livestock Services

Illinois (Livestock Management Facilities Act 900.511) requires quarterly testing of perimeter tile water. If you have a LF number, call to see how we can help you with compliance. Manure is a valuable commodity. Understanding the fertility content of applied manure can reduce your need for commercial fertilizer.

Lawn & Garden


Growing the best vegetables and flowers is a goal of every home owner and gardener. Soil testing with GMS Laboratories can help you grow the best garden possible. Heavy Metals testing also available.

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