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An introduction to the Dashboard

Overall structure of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is often the starting point for most activities related to adding clients, putting in new orders, and viewing sampling assignments.

When you log in successfully, your screen should resemble the screenshot below:

The Navigation Bar on the left side shows your organization's logo, your login name and a profile picture (The red corn image is the default). Below it you will see some of the links that you or your organization have permissions for. A brief description is provided here:

  • Dashboard: The Dashboard page
  • Clients List: A page listing all your clients. (See related posts below for details)
  • Articles: The index page of the Articles, one of which you're reading right now
  • Report Bugs: The bug reporting tool (See related posts below for an article on this feature)
  • Staff Area: This section provides you with access to make modifications to your team page (such as the logo), and to invite others to use the website. See the related posts area for a "How to" on this feature)

The Navigation Bar at the top looks as follows:

From left, we have the following tools:

  • the button  allows you to toggle the Navigation bar on the left,
  • The "Search Articles" bar allows you to type keywords to look for articles with those words in it. 
  • The fullscreen button  allows you to toggle the size of the browser window
  • The Notification Bell shows you when the system sends non-urgent messages about specific operations on the website. 
  • The User Name can be clicked to reveal links to change the User Image and the contact details of the User. 


The Orders table: (For Dealers and Clients)

The Orders table shows current and previous orders searchable by order number, client, farm, field or products ordered. 

If you are a Dealer, the Orders table will say, "View Open Orders and Initiate Reorders". If you are a Client, it will say "My Orders". Dealers will see Orders placed by them on behalf of any Client, whereas Clients only see their own orders. 

The Orders table shows the Order Number. There are several icons next to the Order Number that permit several actions. The Actions are visible when you mouse over one of the icons. They include:

  • Print Work Order 
  • Print Labels (Avery 8150 Labels for marking collection samples)
  • Edit Order, only visible if you have permissions to edit that specific order, 
  • Reorder: To create a Repeat Order linked to the existing order
  • Download Sampling Map: If one exists (see the instructions on editing data on the Client's Fields in the related post for more details)

Furthermore, the table also lists the Status of the order, and the details of the Client - Farm - Field on which the order was created, the order submission date, and the products in the order. 

To quickly search for a particular order, start typing the name of the client, farm, field,  order number or product sold. The table can also be sorted by all the columns by clicking on the column heading. 

The Clients Farms Fields Table (For Dealers and Clients)

The Clients Farms and Fields table allows the Dealer to quickly searching through farms and fields. Typically, the Dealer would use this lookup to place new orders that cannot be placed as a ReOrder, i.e. when the system doesn't have a pre-existng order to work from. The table looks as follows:

The Add New Client button allows the user to add a new Client to their records. This process is explained in a related article, and linked below. Only Active Clients, who have at least one Field listed are shown in this list. For the complete list of Clients, including Active and Inactive both, please look at the Clients link in the navigation bar on the left. 

To edit the contact information for an existing Client, click on the Edit symbol next to the Client's name in the table. 

The Clients table allows you to directly place orders on specific fields. In the Field column, you will see a number of icons to the right. These are the Quick Order buttons, which have been pre-programmed to help you place an Order.  Products in the Quick Order link are shown when you mouse over the icons. Placing Orders is covered in a related post, linked below. As with Orders, the search function in this table will allow you to look for clients, farms and fields by name. 

The Sampler's Table (For Samplers)

When Orders are place and assigned to various Samplers, a Sampler may log in and will instead (or in addition) see a Sampler's table as shown below. 

This view shows the Order Number, the specific user who has been assigned, and most importantly, the status of the field. Every member of the Sampler's organization can see all the assignments assigned to that Organiztion. Next to each Order number, the Sampler can click on several icons, which are identical to those seen in the Orders table above. 

Importantly, the Sampler can now update the Dealer and the Lab that sampling for a specific Order has been completed. This is done by simply clicking on the clipboard icon in the Order Status column. Please be careful, it is easy to mis-click and you'll need to call the administrator to reverse the error. This table is searchable and sortable in many different ways. 

The Field Events table (Clients)

When Clients log in, in addition to their Orders and Fields, they will also see a Field Events table, which lists several events that have taken place on their Fields. This feature will grow to report several events, such as weather events, service events, file uploads etc. More information will be available as new features are implemetned. Stay tuned!


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