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In this issue:
Fall Testing Reminders
Harvest Season Safety
Meet Scott Hennenfent

Get your fall soil testing orders placed now to prevent added stress during harvest. GMS Labs is always ready and willing to assist with all your testing needs! Visit our website:

Don’t forget to collect stalk samples during harvest for Stalk Nitrate testing.

Do you need to have a Haney Soil Health test? Let GMS help!

Understanding the fertility content of your manure can help you manage your input dollars wisely. To test before you apply contact GMS Labs for Manure testing services.

Our staff includes experts in the lab and in the field. Feel free to reach out to us to capitalize on our expertise (309) 377-2851 or [email protected].

National Farm Safety and Health Week 2020

“Every Farmer Counts”

Agricultural producers are tough, intelligent and resourceful!

During National Farm Safety and Health Week 2020 we would like to acknowledge, celebrate, and uplift America’s farmers and ranchers who have encountered many challenges over the past couple of years, yet continue to work hard to provide the food, fiber, and fuel that we need.  According to the 2017 Census of Agriculture, there are about 3.4 million agricultural producers in America, which is only about one percent of our population.  These farmers and ranchers not only provide the essentials that we need, but they do wonderful things for their families and friends, their communities, and beyond.  That is why “Every Farmer Counts” and now is the time to prioritize their safety and health.

Harvest season is always hectic. The Illinois Department of Labor urges farmers not to forsake safety as they race to bring in the 2020 crop. “Harvest season reminds us how important farmers are to Illinois’ economy and our way of life. But this busy time also brings additional risks to agriculture workers,” said Michael Kleinik, director of the Illinois Department of Labor. “We want farmers to head home to their families safe and sound at the end of each day.”

Farmers may not be convinced to take a whole day off during harvest, but at a minimum, are urged to take a break every couple of hours –you can use it not only to stretch your legs but to make a quick inspection of your tractor or combine. Also, your tractor isn’t the only thing that needs fuel. Make sure to eat and drink fluids to stay alert. “It really doesn’t have to be non-stop. Take a few minutes for yourself for safety’s sake,” said Dave Newcomb, Ag Rescue Program Manager with the Illinois Fire Service Institute.

GMS Laboratories would like to introduce our newest staff member Scott Hennenfent

Scott comes to GMS Labs from the SGS office in Toulon. His role at GMS is mapping / inside sales. For those of you that have previously worked with Scott at SGS the transition will be seamless.  GMS GPS clients will be talking to Scott as the fall harvest season progresses and I am sure everyone will be delighted with his attention to detail and craftsmanship as the new mapper for GMS Laboratories.  Scott can be reached at 309-335-3223 or [email protected].


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