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GMS Announcements
Grain Handling Facility Safety

As you get ready to apply your  fertilizers this fall, GMS can help with recommendations and shape files that go directly to your fertilizer dealer.

Don’t forget to collect stalk samples during harvest for Stalk Nitrate testing.

Do you need to have a Haney Soil Health test? Let GMS help!

Understanding the fertility content of your manure can help you manage your input dollars wisely. To test before you apply contact GMS Labs for Manure testing services.

Our staff includes experts in the lab and in the field. Feel free to reach out to us to capitalize on our expertise (309) 377-2851 or [email protected]

Grain Handling Facility Safety

“How to Stay Safe as we Fall through the Seasons”

While every farmer may think he knows what the best safety practices are at his facility, there are always dangers that are associated with your grain handling and storage facilities. The dangers that are associated with grain storage and handling you may think of as non-important. These are all situations that might make it so you aren’t able to go home to your family after the busy season concludes. There are many hazards that can be life threatening, grain dust explosions, suffocation, and falls are the ones the we typically hear about.

It may not seem like something as small, as taking a 20 minute break to make sure that there isn’t an excess of dust building up around fans and electrical equipment, can stop these horrible events from taking place. Remember IT CAN!

Suffocation is the #1 cause of death in grain storage bins. By making  sure that we always have an extra person that is close by and reachable if there were to be an emergency arise we can make sure that we have less accidents.

Falls can occur from any height. These falls can occur in grain facilities even from your walking and working surfaces. Just a light layer of dust on the walk surfaces, and suddenly these “safe surfaces” become dangerously slippery. Keeping a conscious mind about these surfaces can help to keep us all safe, through harvest season.

When we think about all the unknowns that can take place in our grain storage and handling facilities, taking the extra time to make sure that there isn’t dust build-up on electrical equipment, always having at least two people working in the grain bins, and not being in to big of a hurry to get from one place to the next, we can make sure we are going home after the season is over. 

As the harvest season progresses, we would like to emphasis that safety precautions should always remain at the forefront, we here at GMS Labs want our customers to know that we care about your well being this harvest season. We want you to be able to go home to your families after the busy season concludes.



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